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Loving prisoners in the name of Jesus Christ

The Orthodox Prison Ministry of Minnesota is a MEOCCA endorsed Pan-Orthodox prison ministry. We have been dedicated to the love and support of prisoners and their families since 2003. The Holy Spirit works through this ministry and its volunteers to show love to those in prison so that they may fellowship with other Christians and to encourage them to live their lives, faithfully, in accordance with teachings of Jesus Christ. We welcome you to explore this site to learn more about our prison ministry and the Orthodox faith. You can support this important ministry as a volunteer or in the form of a donation.

Pray for Prisoners

The most important way to support this ministry is through fervent prayer for prisoners and their salvation.

What's New

To love prisoners in the name of Jesus Christ. To help them grow in the Christian faith. To help prepare them for their transition into society,  with prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit!
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